Our Patients

Our Patients

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Once your doctor refers you for home health services, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for your in-home health assessment. A nurse or therapist case manager from Peoples Home Health will coordinate your home health care with your physician and keep them updated.

Your clinician will: 
Work with you to create your Plan of Care, review the services you will receive and discuss how often team members will visit
• Review your medicines, including side effects and how and when to take them
• Ensure you understand the purpose of your medicines and how and when to take your medicines on a schedule.
• Evaluate your risk for falling
• Check your blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and breathing.
• Teach you or your caregiver to care for a wound or IV.
• Create an exercise plan to build your strength and improve balance/walking.
• Provide customized education on how to control the symptoms of your ailments.

Your specific needs will help to determine how often homecare team members visit you. The number of visits scheduled depends on your specific needs and average two to three times a week. Visits will happen less often as you improve.