Behavioral Health

What is Behavioral Health?

Emotional and behavioral issues often cause problems for healthcare workers and family members caring for loved ones at home. Our program promotes quality care, allows the patient to participate in activities of daily living and focuses on implementing an overall successful plan of treatment in the comfort, safety and privacy of the patient’s home. In addition, the psychiatric nurse will assess the home environment and provide coordination of care between the patient, family members and the physician to effectively manage the overall needs of the patient.

Behavioral Health FAQ’S

What does this service provide?

Who provides the care?

Transitional care is provided by a team of nurses, social workers, and rehabilitation staff who coordinate the patient’s care and services with other providers as an extra resource of support.

How do I know this is right for me?

Who else, besides the patient, can benefit?

Will my insurance cover this service?

Do I have to give up my own doctor?


All mental health disorders have severe effects on overall health conditions, as well as, one’s independence and way of life. The most simple change can result in extreme anxiety, significant grief and many times depression. Our approach is to treat each patient as an individual with specific needs. This may involve helping them cope with an unexpected change, teaching them healthy ways to resolve problems or initiating the proper treatment needed to live a safer more independent life. The total wellbeing of our patients is our first concern. Peoples Home Health has taken the initiative to assure our patients receive the proper treatment and adapt to life changes in the most healthy way possible.